ILA Vietnam

[ILA] Teaching Assistant

Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh

Number of vacancies: 10

Expired date: 30/11/2023


1. Teaching Assistant hours in class

  • Taking classes as requested (4 ILA classes minimum)
  • Having substitution as requested

2. Classroom Management:

  • Support teachers in class/during the course
  • Assist students in class/during the course
  • Control and take care of students in class
  • Fulfill admin tasks (update ILA Connect, check attendance, assign and mark homework, etc)

3. Course Administration

  • Prepare and distribute course books, materials and merchandise
  • Update students with course progress information
  • Check students’ attendance daily
  • Prepare students for exams, Cambridge
  • Deliver letters
  • Report any incidents or problems to RS/OS

4. Learning and Development

  • Attend meeting as requested
  • Attend Workshop and Training as requested

5. Customer Care

  • Report students’ progress - results (monthly), call parents for absent students
  • Support in delivering letters, notice and receive feedback from parents and support in handling requests and complaints
  • Tutoring weak students as requested
  • Support Events (care events, enrichment, …)

6. Others

  • Support centre when requested

Skill Requirements

- Teaching

- Handling requests and complaints

- Communication

- Excellent English skills

- Microsoft Office

- Working by shifts

- Having 4 ILA classes as minimum

Required Experience

- No experience required

Required Education and qualifications

- University Degree [current university students from the 3rd year above are also acceptable]


- Flexible working time and chances to practice your skills while still earns attractive allowances

- Being a part of a young, dynamic and professional working environment

- Chances to join bonding activities for staff

- Annual bonuses for excellent TAs.

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